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Check back with us weekly as we're expecting another litter of Chinese Cresteds and 2 litters of Chihuahuas

Welcome to Tacopupps.com.
 We raise a variety of puppies for adoption in our home including:
Chinese Cresteds
(hairless, hairy-hairless and powderpuffs),

 Japanese Chins
 and Miniature Poodles.

        All of our puppies are cared for and socialized in a loving environment to maximize a positive personality. They are all fed top quality puppy foods such as Royal Canine, Blue Buffalo, Bil-Jac and Eukanuba.

       No puppy is sold before it has reached eight weeks of age, is two or more lbs. and had at least their first two vaccinations. They are all guaranteed healthy.

     We hand deliver most of our puppies in and around the Ohio area and can fly/ship your new puppy to any of the lower 48 states.
Sorry but we cannot ship outside the United States.